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The Boy
Introducing Bruce =)
The Facts
Name: Bruce Alcorn
Nicknames: Thornae
Birthday: 02-06-1974
Favourite Colour: Red or Orange
Pet Hate: People writing "loose" instead of "lose" and other homonym abuse. Ooh, and abuse's of the apostrophe. :P
Description: Dark red/almost brown hair. Cheekbones to die for :)
Clothing tendencies: Very relaxed. Scrubs up very well for occasions.
Dumbest Habit: Worrying & sleeping too much
Work: Odds and ends
Siblings: Three Sisters
The Rest
He comes from a big family of readers and reads A LOT.
He has a broad but selective music taste. Most of which is bloody awesome.
He is a Bass 3 (No, really! He can sometimes sing along with the organ in Koyaanisqatsi! Drool!)
He loves his movies and watches many a good TV series, too.
It's incredible how much random trivia this guy has in his head.
He is incredibly sweet and thoughtful.
A bit of a farm boy. He grew up on Kangaroo Island and lived out at Riverton for a while too.
There are lots of pics of Bruce on Flickr.