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I get up to all sorts of stuff and here is where I'll admit what they are...
Summary of Habits

There is so much to say about choir that I have no idea where to start. I used to spend heaps and heaps of my time doing choir stuff with two AICSA choirs, FUCS and AUCS. I started singing with fucs in 1996. I loved it. I got into AUCS (when the bastards eventually told me it existed) in the start of 1997. I became a certified addict. I went to my first IV in perth 1997.

IV is a big choral festival where all the uni choirs across Australia get together and sing a couple of big scale concerts. Two weeks of solid rehearsal and partying. Very draining. Very rewarding. Very memorable.

I was also on the committee for Adelaide IV, 2001 and I was convenor of the 2006 Adelaide IV. It was lots of fun, but really hard work.

Auditioned choirs I used to sing with include Flight of Ideas, Corinthians and Lumina Vocal Ensemble.

I took on the role of Musical Director for the Adelaide Gay and Lesbian Qwire for 2007.
Energetic Stuff
I ride lots. I love it. I ride up Norton Summit whenever I get a chance and some determination. If you want to go for a ride then give me a yell. Always looking for new people to ride with. In Australia sometime, I plan to do a few runs to Victor Harbor and at least one ride to Melbourne. Need crazy riding friends!! In France, I plan to do some 'cyclotourisme' and go cruising around the countryside slowly.

I'd never really got into heavy swimming before summer '00/01. I really enjoyed it and intend to do more outdoor swimming every summer.
Bring on the Swimming buddies...

I joined several gyms over the years and I cycle through going or not going. Either way, I love it. Body Balance, Yoga, Pilates, Body Jam, Pump, Body Attack, Cardio Hi-Lo and Step are all my favourites.

I spent many years as a morris dancer. I guess technically I still am, as I would jump on stage and dance with a side at a moment's notice still. Currently, I am more interested in Ceroc. This is a very funky form of dance that evolved from Jive. It's fun to scare people with in clubs. :) I also want to take up belly dancing and tango dancing.

I'd really love to join up for Gymnastics again.

I went rock climbing with Emma at one point and I have been meaning to do it again cause it really was lots of fun. I will hopefully do some more!

I went sky diving with Ben and Mel in 2004 which was AWESOME. I want to do it again and again!!

I'm working towards getting my motorbike licence.. I had a scooter for ages, but it's time for a real bike.

I love camping. I'd love to go much more often than I do.
I moved out of my mum's house when I was 17 and moved to Tassie with my boyfiend. Since then I've been sharehousing and I've lived with WAY too many people. Anyway, I thought I'd try to compile a list. This should be tricky!

  • 1995. Derby, Tasmania. Lived with Mark Endersby and Michael.. and almost with Jim too. He was around often enough.
  • 1995-1998. Camp Clovelly, Clovelly Park. Shit! Everyone lived there. Phil Endersby, Mark Endersby, Jason Poland (Now Preston), Michael James, Tanya Ashworth (Now also Keppel), Abe Oyevaar, Alasdair McLellan, Ben Salmon practically lived there, Jason McNie, er. er. er. Who have I forgotten??
  • 1998. Cardwell Street, Adelaide. Moved in with Felicity Holbrook (Now Pearce) and Holly Walsh. Glen Pearce moved in soon after as did Alasdair McLellan.
  • 1998-1999. The Belfry, Richmond. Tanya Ashworth, Michelle Bartsch, Melinda Drinkwater (Now Salmon).
  • Second home at Cardwell Street. Alasdair McLellan, Glen Pearce, Felicity Holbrook, Andrew Carpenter.. and Emma Skelton practically lived there too.
  • 1999. Semaphore. Lived with almost the entire population of Semaphore. It was a huge ex youth hostel or something. Some of my flatmates I never even met. Weird shit. Anyway, the people who were there the most that I hung out with were Sarah Behrndt (Now Preston), Jason Poland, Mitsuko Jones, Francis.. and Michelle Bartsch and Alasdair McLellan practically lived there.
  • 1999-2000. Gilbert Street, Adelaide. Just Alasdair McLellan.
  • 2000-2003. Glenunga. Started just by myself, since it was a one bedroom house and all. Took in Sarah Behrndt when she was desperate for a while. Then Alasdair McLellan moved in later.
  • Second home at Gilbert Street. Alasdair McLellan and Brendon Kelly.
  • 2003. Adrian's House, Netherby. Just with Adrian Corston.
  • 2003-2004. Opey Ave, Hyde park. Just Alasdair McLellan.
  • 2004-2005. Marian Place, Prospect. Oscar Archer, Alice Morgan, Damien Day, Ali Ryan. Practically living with Michael Gehling and Andrew Wilkins too.
  • Second home at Opey Ave with Alasdair McLellan and Clare Mitchell.
  • 2005-2006. Childers Street, North Adelaide. Just Alasdair McLellan.
  • 2006. Extended stay on Damien Day's loungeroom floor with Bruce Alcorn.
  • 2006. Norton Summit. Jason McNie.. and practically Bruce Alcorn too. A bit of Imogen Steketee.
  • 2006. Second home at The Warren, Magill. Bruce Alcorn and James Cowling.
  • 2006. Corryton Street, Adelaide. Matt Winefield and practically Bruce Alcorn. Michael Gehling was house sitting when I moved in, so I sort of lived with him too.
  • 2007-2008. Bowden with Bruce Alcorn (right next door to Damien Day in the co-op)
  • 2008. With Bruce - A month in Lyon over Christmas.
  • 2009. A month in the spare room of Bruce's bosses in Agen (with Bruce of course).
  • 2009. With Bruce - An indeterminate amount of time renting part of a mansion in Le Passage, Agen.
I like going out for breakfast. Favourite Adelaide venues are East Terrace Continental, Markets (Zuma and T-Bar), Urban Bistro, Paradiso, Citrus, The Store etc. I also like having people over for breakfast. If you are enough of a morning person let me know and I'll invite you sometime.

My favourite Adelaide restaurants include: Tongue Thai'd, Nu Thai, Fish Out Of Water, Wok's Happenning, Mapo, Mandarin House, Ky Chow, Montezuma's, Grumpy's, Jasmin, Beyond India, Russell's Pizza Bar.. um.. and probably lots more. :)

But, I don't just go out all the time! I can actually cook. I'm a bit of a one pot wonder. I love doing pastas, stif-frys, Thai and Indian curries, soups and chillis. Well, since it's my favourite stuff to eat I may as well, yeah?
Festivals and Live Performances
I love music festivals: Womad, National Folk Festival, Adelaide Festival, Fringe, Big Day Out, Woodford Folk Festival etc etc. LOVE THEM! Would love to be rich enough to go to many, many more.

I have quite a varied music taste and I like seeing bands and festivals as well as classical performances, musicals and theatre. I'm into watching lots of movies too.

Best places for finding out what's on in Adelaide are: The Adelaide Theatre Guide,, Venue*Tix, BASS, Triple J Events,, , Rip It Up and DB.

I also have my own event management business, Stage Left Event Management which will be running some fun stuff soon. :)

I tend to blog my tickets after performances and thus I've started building a collection of tickets on Flickr.
I'm a big fan of travelling but unfortunately I haven't done enough of it yet. In 1992 I went to England with family for most of the year. We had a weeks stop-over in Malaysia on the way back. I went to England again in 2002 and had a night's stop-over in Japan on the way. Seriously have to go back to Japan again!

I want to visit most of Asia. I really want to do a bicycle ride across Vietnam. But then, I also want to ride from Adelaide to Melbourne on a pushy. :) Bruce and I have plans to ride (on motorbikes) across Siberia. Could be insane.. but will definitely be fun :)

Bruce and I moved to France at the end of 2008 and we plan to travel Europe slowly from here. We're also hoping that we can see most of Asia for extended stopovers when we visit Adelaide.

43 Places will show you all the places I want to go. Dopplr will show you where I'm going next.
Writing, Blogging & Messaging
I've always liked writing. I've also blogged for years and I tried doing NanoWrimo a few times without success. I got to write a fair bit for my Journalism minor and I think I will do a little freelance writing from time to time.

Msn (angela at and ICQ (54770840).

I get around a bit online and like a whole heap of stuff. I'm on Twitter and Facebook. will show you what I'm bookmarking. Flickr will show you my photo collection. will show you what I'm listening to. Also a serious LJ addict.

I have profiles in a lot of other places too, but those are the ones I use the most. :)

I am a bit of a geek. I tend to actually be doing stuff on the computer.. not just wasting time online. Writing web pages, bits of coding, arranging music and stuff.. figuring things out. That and I'm a bit of a gadget geek. When I see cool toys I WANT them very, very badly.