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The Ange
The brief on me..
The Blurb

I'm an Australian in France, trying to travel and make sense of it all.

I've got way too many hobbies, but mainly I spend a lot of time listening to music, reading, going to live performances and festivals, cycling and watching movies.

I'm a pretty easygoing person who likes just about everything and then can't fit it all in.

I'm married to Bruce, who is just bloody brilliant and I'm keeping him.

I've got a personal blog, but there's also, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, Myspace, 12 Seconds and Seesmic. Well, they're just the regular haunts. Plus, I am taking a photo every day and showcasing the results on One Photo.

I share a lot of links. For the best stuff, check out, Cloud pics, Smange's food lust and Ange Mode. Flixter will show you movies I'm watching, Goodreads will show you what I'm reading, while will show you what I'm listening to.

There are links to most of my sites and social network profiles at ClaimID, Friendfeed and Retaggr.

The Facts
Name: Angela Randall
Nicknames: Smange (short for "Small Ange"), Smangela, Smangelala, Angie-Lou, Aungela, Aungelalisa, Lisa, Angebleh, Bleh, fish! (but I had to renounce it to Mr Ben), Armadillo, Sable (my own nick from when I was goth and everyone seemed to have an animal nick), Splange (small, pretty light Ange) and some members of my family insist on calling me Angie. Smangesable is my username when I can't get Smange.
Birthday: 26-12-77
Favourite Colour: Rainforest Green (Or Blue)
Pet Hate: My inability to choose just one pet hate.
Description: Very short. Usually blonde.
Clothing tendencies: Anything that looks good. I revert to typical science student-wear (jeans, t-shirt and a jumper) if I don't think about it though (which is most of the time - especially in winter).
Dumbest Habit: Being a morning person with late night tendencies.
Siblings: Two real ones. Younger. Jayne and Vincent.
Location: I'm an Adjuloidian (for the Melbunites) or an Adelaidean (for the rest of the world)
Work: Editing, events and internet stuff.
The Past
I've studied for too long and swapped courses a million times (Science, IT, Music, Drafting, Bar and Waiting, Finance, Event Management, Internet Studies & Journalism). I got an Event Management Diploma, which is basically a licence to charge people to come to mega huge parties I organise for them. Nice! I also got a degree in Internet Studies & Journalism, meaning that some people are impressed that I know so much about social networking and blogging. Woo!

My job history to date has mainly been whatever works around study.. lots of shitty jobs like HJ's and waiting and stuff. I got into some slightly better positions when I started doing call centre work. But that nearly led me into a career in finance which would have bored me to death. It had to stop.

I've lived in far too many share houses and know too much about too many people because of it. It has given me great insight into inventing cool drinks out of what horrible leftovers you have.. which led to the fantasmic invention of vodka and chinotto. We'll forget the flat coke and tequila. That never happened. (Ugh!)

I've been part of numerous strange organisations including FUCS, AUCS, Corinthians, The Lancashire Witches (NW Morris Dancers), The Hills Morris Dancers, Flight of Ideas, Adelaide Ceroc Dancing and The Mount Torrens Handbell Ringers. This meant I got involved in a lot of committees and eventually led me to do silly things like volunteering for more important stuff ie board member of The Folk Federation of SA and convenor of the 57th Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival (Adelaide 2006).

I'm not the sort of person who wants to just tell you who I am. I'll just tell you what I do and what I've done and you can suss it out for yourself.

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